Capsular Contracture in Breast Implants: Before and After Picture

Jul 31, 2011 by

Here is a link to some before and after pictures showing capsular contracture:

As you can see, capsular contracture doesn’t necessarily happen to both breasts- in this case the doctor notes it only occurred on the left breast. The doctor also notes the contracture was painful.

I do not know this doctor, but thought the pictures and explanation was very good. I think the doctor is saying he removed the implant with the capsule in “one” when he says “en bloc”. The capsulectomy he is referring to means that he is removing the entire capsule (the capsule that was squeezing the implant in the “contracture”) to create virgin tissue for the new implants.

The outcome of the breast augmentation revision looks great, hopefully the patient will remain free of capsular contracture after the second breast augmentation operation.

Alas, ideally a patient would never end up having re-operations like this. Hopefully there can be more productive discussion about finding a solution, not just fixing the problem.



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