A Look at a Furry Brazilian Breast Implant (aka Polyurethane foam mammary implant)

Aug 1, 2011 by

Polyurethane Breast Implants

This is what a “Furry Brazilian” breast implant looks like. Well, it is really a polyurethane foam covered silicone gel breast implant, but has been called Furry Brazilian by patients in Australia. In spite of the Furry Brazilian nickname, these breast implants come in the same size and shapes as smooth and textured breast implants.

Yes, the Furry Brazilian is different, and that is a good thing. The Furry name comes from the Polyurethane foam on the outside of the implant, it feels “furry”. The Furry Brazilian (Polyurethane foam) implants are not smooth and are not textured, the Polyurethane foam gives the implant a completely different feel and creates a different friction during implantation- something that helps keep the implant in place and prevents rotation.

Oh, and the Brazilian part of the name comes from a leading manufacturer of Polyurethane foam implants being based in Brazil. Furry Brazilian is a nice nickname for polyurethane foam covered silicone gel breast implants, but they were first made years ago in the 1970’s in the USA.

Now you have seen the Furry Brazilian and know this is just a fun nickname for a  polyurethane foam covered silicone gel breast implant.


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