Capsular Contracture & Capsulectomy- Explanation & Photographs

Aug 1, 2011 by

I found this website from a Plastic Surgeon doctor in Florida regarding capsular contracture following breast augmentation:

The doctor made this statement: “Capsular contracture is an unpredictable complication, but it is also the most common complication following breast augmentation. Although presently we do not know what causes a capsular contracture to form in one woman and not in another, or why one breast may harden while the other remains completely soft and natural, there are some techniques that have reduced the risk in our patients.”

This is the challenge faced by doctors performing breast augmentation- how do you control an unpredictable complication? The photographs from the doctor show a capsular contracture in only one breast and- once again- show a great result from the breast augmentation re-operation. Let’s hope the there is no capsular contracture around the new pair of breast implants used.

The doctor had a great description of capsulectomy and reason:

Breast implant capsular contractureThe most appropriate treatment for capsular contracture is complete capsulectomy, or removal of the entire thickened capsule surrounding the breast implant such as in the specimen shown at left. This is the most likely procedure to prevent future recurrent capsular contractures from forming.


Please note- I do not know this doctor and am not paid by him, I simply found his information very helpful in explaining  capsular contracture and what a capsulectomy is.

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