Article: Furry Brazilian Breast Implants In New Zealand

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A doctor in New Zealand loves Polyurethane “furry brazilian” foam implants. Each day the reputation of the Furry Brazilian grows, or should I say, with each happy patient that remains free of capsular contracture the reputation of the Furry Brazilian breast implant grows.

Here is a link to the article about the Furry Brazilian in New Zealand:

There are some interesting parts to the article, I am not sure about the following: “It is the nickname for a new, pointy type of breast implant made in Brazil – think Madonna’s famous Jean-Paul Gaultier conical bustier.”

That is a new twist on Polyurethane foam implants as they come in round, oval, teardrop and anatomical profile- just like the smooth and textured breast implants.

But, this all makes sense:

“Gittos says they integrate better with breast tissue than traditional implants, locking them into shape. “They look incredibly natural and not like Madonna at all,” said Gittos.”

Because really this is about tissue integration once a woman selects the implant size and shape she wants.

And look, other plastic surgeons are spreading the word:

“Fellow Auckland plastic surgeons Janek Januszkiewicz, Stephen Gilbert and Jonathan Heather will give a presentation on the implants at an international plastic surgery congress in Brisbane next month.”

That is great, more women need to know about the implant surface options for breast implants and about the Furry Brazilian implants.

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  1. My spouse got silicone breast implants when she was 26. Many years later she had a puncture on the right side. The silicone leaked into the tissue. The implants had to be replaced and the silicone removed from the tissue. She thinks this is what caused her Fibromyalgia. Since she had them redone the symptoms have subsided and she is much better. I’m a bit more holistic. So when my sister wanted a boob job I recommend that she consider one of the all natural products.

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