Is Capsular Contracture Common following Primary Breast Augmentation?

Aug 3, 2011 by

Capsular contracture is listed as the most common complication following primary breast implant surgery. Two major implant manufacturers submitted data about silicone breast implants to the FDA- the rate of capsular contracture was 8.3% for one manufacturer and 15.5% for the other.

  • If 100 patients line up for breast augmentation- data submitted to the FDA by one implant manufacturer shows that at least 8 of the 100 will have capsular contracture that will force removal of the implants within 3 years.
  • Data submitted to the FDA by another manufacturer states 15 of the 100 women will have the implants removed within 7 years due to capsular contracture.

I like when doctors tell me “I don’t see capsular contracture in my patients”. It makes me giggle when people say it isn’t common or a problem.

Capsular contracture is the most common for re-operation following breast augmentation. That is fact. Studies submitted by breast implant manufacturing companies list the rate of capsular contracture at between 8% and 15% for primary augmentation patients. Just to make sure we all understand that- between 8 and 15 out of every 100 woman that have breast augmentation will end up with capsular contracture.

Me? I think that is common. Would you have a surgery if the doctor told you “well, the chance of a re-operation to correct the surgery is between 8-15%”. Umm, okay. Thanks doc, that seems kinda high, right?

Let the Furry Brazilian look at this a different way: If capsular contracture following breast augmentation wasn’t common, why would there be press releases with the following:

Capsular Contracture, is a condition that may affect those who undergo breast augmentation, either electively or after breast reconstruction. It is a hardening and constriction of the breast implant capsule and causes breast firmness. In the most severe cases, it can create a painful, distorted, misshaped, or oddly positioned implant.

The Aspen Ultrasound Series and Therapeutic Technique is uniquely designed to give patients a non-surgical option for fixing the number one recurring problem in the Plastic Surgery field. This patent pending technology was designed by a licensed Physical Therapist and rendered under licensed medical professionals. The Aspen Ultrasound treatment has helped correct over 350 patients, to date.”

Oh damn! The Furry Brazilian thinks this is amazing- this press release states capsular contracture following breast augmentation is “the number one recurring problem in the Plastic Surgery field”. Sounds like capsular contracture with breast implants would be classified as common to the person that composed this press release.

Here is the entire press release:

And please, think about capsular contracture prior to having your breast augmentation or breast augmentation revision surgery. Talk to your (qualified) doctor about capsular contracture, review your options.

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