Polyurethane Foam Implants Approved in Australia- One Happy Doctor

Aug 4, 2011 by

This doctor in Australia was happy enough when the Furry Brazilian implant- really a polyurethane foam covered silicone gel breast implant- was approved for use in Australia.

His blog post:  http://blog.drrai.net/2008/03/13/australia-approves-furry-brazilian/

Why was he happy, I think what he wrote about capsular contracture following breast augmentation gives a clue:

“The breast implants, which have been in use in Brazil since the 1960s and in Europe for many years, are coated with a layer of polyurethane foam. Apparently, the foam significantly reduces the risk of capsular contracture, suffered by as many as 25 % of breast implant recipients according to one Mentor study, without increasing the risk of other complications.”

Now you know, the Furry Brazilian received a warm welcome in the land of Oz.

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