The Furry Brazilian Likes this Websites Info on Polyurethane Foam Implants

Aug 4, 2011 by

Nice! A website gets many of the facts straight regarding polyurethane foam covered silicone gel breast implants, this makes the Furry Brazilian very happy:

As always, note the part about the FDA not requiring any of the 110,000 women in the USA that had (have) Polyurethane foam breast implants to have them removed.

Also note there is no reason given for the implants not being used in the USA at this time. Capsular contracture following breast augmentation remains very high (8-15% in studies submitted to the FDA) and the FDA warns that up to 20% of women having breast augmentation might need a re-operation within 8-10 years…but there is no discussion or action to evaluate Polyurethane foam implants.

And what about those 110,000 women? If Polyurethane foam wasn’t safe, wouldn’t we know that based on so many women using Polyurethane breast implants?

Why, why, why? I wish someone would enlighten the Furry Brazilian as it seems irresponsible to warn of a re-operation rate of up to 20% without evaluating all possible solutions.

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