This Doctor Likes the Furry Brazilian Breast Implants

Aug 4, 2011 by

Hey, this doctor likes the Furry Brazilian, here’s what he said:

There is another silicone breast Implant with a Polyurethane coating sometimes referred to as the “furry Brazilian” or “fuzzy Implant” mainly because the Implant surface has a textured coating which is “foamy or furry” and they are produced in Brazil. This Implant has been used in cases of intractable Capsular contracture formation and during reconstruction cases in an attempt to reduce further risk of capsular contracture. Dr. Bobby A. Kumar recommends this type of Implant for appropriate breast augmentation cases but not as the standard breast augmentation.

See, the Furry Brazilian told you there is a good solution for capsular contracture. Now, more women just need to know about the Furry Brazilian before they have their breast augmentation or breast aug re-operation.

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