Podcast: Doctor Discussing Breast Augmentation, Capsular Contracture & Polyurethane Implants

Aug 6, 2011 by

Who wants to really dork out and listen to some great detail about breast augmentation, capsular contracture and why a leading doctor in England uses Polyurethane implants?

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There you go. A doctor detailing that capsular contracture is a significant issue that is not the fault of the doctor and leaves the doctor in a very challenging position.

“I feel morally uncomfortable charging them (patient) for their re-operation”

Loads and loads of great information in a very straightforward manner. There is a lot of discussion on the procedure itself, ideal for any patient to hear this and learn how important it is to select a well qualified doctor.

Note- I do not know any of the doctors on this podcast, do not receive compensation from these doctors or the implant company they mention. In fact, I receive no compensation from any of these parties or companies.

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