Breast Implant Malposition

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I was reading one of the breast implant manufactures submission to the USA FDA regarding complications following breast augmentation. While a number of things about the rate of complications are shocking, implant malposition jumped off the page at me.

Just what the #$%@ is malposition? I looked up mal and found it means “in a faulty way”. Oh. Great. The implants are positioned in a faulty way, I think that faulty in this case means “not where the doctor and patient wanted them to be positioned”.

So how common is malposition? The study submitted to the FDA involved 455 patients tracked over a 7-year time period. During that time 5.2% of the patients suffered implant malposition following a primary breast augmentation. That means just about 24 of the 455 patients has an issue with the position of their breast implants within 7 years following their first breast augmentation surgery.

Or, 5 our of 100 women will have an issue with implant malposition after their first breast augmentation.

This website has a lot of good information and pictures of breast implant malposition:

The pictures are damn scary, so is this information:

Four Types of Implant Mal-position:

There are four general categories of implant mal-position. These are when the implants have moved:

(1) superiorly; i.e., the implants are “riding high”
(2) inferiorly, or when they’re “bottoming out”
(3) medially, or toward the body’s midline; this is called “symmastia,” also known as “uni-boob”
(4) laterally, or outward away from the body’s midline

Each of these types of mal-positioning is visibly evident and often uncomfortable for the woman. Fortunately, essentially any instance of breast implant mal-position can be corrected.

Why does the Furry Brazilian think about breast implant malposition? Simple- if an implant is “implanted” properly it should stay in place- right? Well, the statistics show that is not the case if a smooth or textured silicone gel implant is being used- they move in 5% of the cases according to the study submitted to the FDA.

Doctors have not found the breast implant malposition to be an issue with Polyurethane breast implants, they stay where they are put. That is why the Furry Brazilian is reading about malposition- it is just another complication following breast augmentation that could be avoided by using polyurethane foam covered silicone gel breast implants.

If you want to have a look at the full study submitted to the FDA that lists all complications and breast implant malposition, click here: breast implant study results







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