Breast Implant Wrinkling

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Implant wrinkling after a breast implant surgery has been documented as effecting 5.7% after breast augmentation, 7.7% of women after breast reconstruction and 11.9% of women after breast implant revision surgery; this date come from a medical paper titled A Long-Term Study of Outcomes, Complications, and Patient Satisfaction with Breast Implants conducted by Dr. Neal Handle. The study Dr. Handle conducted was over a 25 year time period, a total of 3,495 were evaluated (1,529 women were involved in the study).

There are a number of factors that affect the chance for wrinkling, the primary factors:

  • Type of implant- saline of silicone; saline is still used in the USA and has the tendency to wrinkling more due to the saline not being as dense in nature as a cohesive “gummy bear” silicone
  • Skill of surgeon- a pocket is created by your surgeon, the implant is placed in that pocket. If the implant does not fit correctly into the pocket, wrinkling (as well as other complications) can occur.
  • Type of implant shell- the shell of the implant affects the ability for the implant to for a close integration with the pocket (or capsule); a close integration will assist with preventing wrinkling. There are three kinds of shells- smooth, textured and Polyurethane foam. In Dr. Handle’s study, he found Polyurethane implants had the lowest rate of wrinkling at 6.69% of all cases while smooth had a wrinkling rate of 6.92% and textured 14.15%.
  • Your body and skin- a simple explanation- if you have think skin and low body fat, an implant will be more visible and any wrinkling can be seen very easily. There are ways to overcome this- implant type and placement- but your skin and composition are important factors that must be considered.
  • Implant placement- if the implant is placed below the muscle, you will not be able to see any wrinkling
The best way to avoid implant wrinkling:
  1. Consult with a quality breast implant surgeon
  2. Select the breast implant with the lowest rate of implant wrinkling
  3. Evaluate implant placement options with your surgeon 
Always make sure and do your research- of both doctors and implants. While breast implant operations are considered a routine procedure, you should be well informed of possible complications and do everything possible to reduce the chance of a complication occurring. 


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