Capsular Contracture- Photograph of Breast Implant & Capsule

Aug 30, 2011 by

This is a great example of what the capsule that forms around a breast implant looks like:

Breast Implant with Capsule

I found it on this website:

I don’t know this doctor, but this photograph is a very good example to help everyone understand what the capsule around a breast implant looks like. Follow that link to review the doctors writing about capsular contracture following breast implant surgery.

Another great picture that compares a normal breast implant with an encapsulated breast implant:

Normal Breast Implant & Encapsulated Breast Implant

Hopefully these photographs will help everyone understand the role of capsule and the importance of a healthy capsule without any capsular contracture. As you can see, if there is any issue with the capsule, the implant can be compromised and could need to be removed (via capsulectomy).

Again, please visit the doctors website to review the original pictures and read what the doctor has to say regarding capsular contracture.

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