Breast Implant Wrinkling and Rippling- Statistics & Pictures

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How common is a wrinkling, waviness and rippling? I took a look at a study from Dr. Neal Handle that compared smooth, textured and polyurethane implant surfaces. The study included over 3,400 total implants, a comprehensive study to say the least. Here were his findings:
Table 3. Abnormal Waviness and Rippling
Wavy or Rippling      
  Total No.  %
Augmentation 1601 91 5.7
Reconstruction 352 27 7.7
Revision 1534 182 11.9
Surface Type†      
Smooth 2067 143 6.92
Polyurethane 568 38 6.69
Textured 848 120 14.15
*Overallp 0.0001; augmentation versus reconstruction,p 0.1583;
augmentation versus revision,p 0.0001; reconstruction versus re-
vision,p 0.0250.      
†Overallp 0.0001; polyurethane versus smooth,p 0.8492; poly-
urethane versus textured,p 0.0001; smooth versus textured,p

The nice thing about this study is it includes information about breast augmentation, breast reconstruction and breast implant surgery revision.

Wrinkling, rippling and waviness is a significant issue with textured implants- 14 out of 100 women have a significant amount of one of these. From the pictures online and reading in forums, it does sound like it is a major issue with some of the tear drop and anatomical shaped textured implants. I have detailed how furry brazilian implants, really polyurethane foam implants, reduce capsular contracture, but the significantly lower rate of waviness, wrinkling and rippling is yet another reason to use polyurethane foam covered silicone implants over textured…especially if a women has thin skin and minimal body fat as this can allow any imperfections in the implant to be seen.

So, what does breast implant wrinkling look like? Not good:

breast implant wrinkling











rippling of a breast implant







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