Adjustable Breast Implants Gaining Popularity? No.

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This is a really dumb article that pretty much leaves me looking for a larger soapbox to help people understand the facts. Here is the disappointing article that comes from what is usually a very good medical association:

Here is the full article, please visit their website: 

Adjustable breast implants gaining popularity

October 3, 2011
Adjustable breast implants gaining popularity

Adjustable breast implants gaining popularity

When it comes to breast augmentation surgery, deciding whether to opt for silicone or saline is not the only consideration patients must think about. Size is often the biggest consideration.

Some doctors are now recommending adjustable breast implants for those who may not be sure just how big or small they want their breasts to be.

“A woman comes in with one idea where she wants to be,” a Chicago-based plastic surgeon who is a proponent of the adjustable implants recently told the Herald-News. “But after a couple of months when the swelling settles down, she might wish the size was bigger … With the adjustable breast implants, we have the luxury of coming in three months later and asking, ‘Where do we stand now?'”

Instead of deciding on a size before the surgery and hoping for the best result, doctors who use adjustable implants place a small port that connects to the implant underneath the skin. If the patient decides to go a little bit bigger, the plastic surgeon injects additional saline into the implant. If she wants a little less volume, the doctor removes some.

“With adjustable breast implants, you can adjust the implant size postoperatively, up to 20 percent of its original size,” a Philadelphia plastic surgeon told ABC News. “It’s a fantastic way to control the breast size postoperatively, because people do change their minds.”

He added that a patient who changes her mind about the size of her breast implants must undergo another surgery if she opted for a traditional breast augmentation surgery.

Changes can be made when the initial swelling subsides, around three months after the surgery, until about six months post-surgery. At that point, the port is removed through an outpatient procedure done under a local anesthetic

“It has become a lot more popular nationally the last couple of years,” a Chicago based plastic surgeon told the Herald-News. “The reality is, you really can’t go wrong. You can see them in the mirror and can have the size changed as many times as you want in the window of those three months … I think this is all positive.”

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), breast augmentation remained the most popular surgical procedure performed by plastic surgeons last year, with more than 318,000 individuals undergoing the surgery.

And here are my comments:

  • Saline implants are not as popular as silicone implants. Period. End of statement. They never will be. Saline does not replicate the feel of a natural breast. Saline can leak. Saline is not cohesive and does not distribute itself within the implant like silicone does.
  • If saline was a great solution, why would the FDA even bring back silicone? Saline is not the solution, even if adjustable.
  • Find other countries around the world that use saline implants. Please. Find some for me, it should be easy if the popularity of a saline implant is growing.
  • Of course people want to be able to adjust the size of their implants, but adjusting the size with the limitations of saline is not a good trade off.
  • Who is this mysterious surgeon quoted in the article? If these adjustable saline implants are so great and gaining in popularity, why is the doctor anonymous? Don’t doctors always want to have their name associated with a new advancement? Ummm, yes. So, I would guess the mystery doctor isn’t all that confident in these implants and doesn’t want to be associated with them?
  • “the reality is, you really can’t go wrong”. Well, I guess you could and patients have. If you couldn’t go wrong with saline, then why is silicone back on the market in the USA and the implant of choice worldwide? I guess you can go wrong when you pay for an implant and don’t like the look or feel of the implant.

Ugh, disappointing. Remember, think through your implant choice. Don’t fall for the marketing gimmick. Choose a high quality doctor that will put their name behind the products they use. Research the implant you want- find out about the safety and benefits of the implant. Avoid marketing.

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