Breast Implant Rippling: Traction Rippling Explanation & Photographs

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More on rippling as it seems to be the most common issue that arises immediately after a breast augmentation. The reason for what- based on chat rooms and blogs- seems to be a rise in breast implant wrinkling and rippling could be attributed to the increase in use of anatomically shaped textured breast implants, namely the tear drop shape.

Below are some good pictures of rippling and wrinkling and a good explanation from a post on the Just Breast Implants Implants website.

The post on Just Breast Implants focused on pictures, but did have brief, but very helpful, information about traction rippling:

  • As the implant drops, or settles into place, the textured surface of the shell pulls on the scar capsule, which in turn, pulls on the skin. This produces traction rippling. It can occur with implants over the muscle, or under the muscle. The only way to prevent or correct traction rippling is to use an implant with a smooth shell. 
  • These ripples are usually only visible when the body is an an awkward position, particularly when bending over forward. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent rippling. However, silicone tends to ripple much less than saline. 

Please visit the Just Breast Implants website and have a look at all the photographs.

Breast Implant Wrinkling and Rippling











Breast Implant Rippling- Before and After









A note about this last picture, Just Breast Implants credits the picture to Dr. John Shamoun and the following comment was made:  Subject had textured breast implants, which were replaced with smooth breast implants.

As detailed in other posts about breast implant wrinkling and rippling on Furry Brazilian, Polyurethane foam covered silicone gel implants have a lower rate of wrinkling and rippling than textured and smooth implants. A large study found textured implants had a significant rippling up to 14.15% of the time while smooth implants had a rate of 6.92% and Polyurethane foam a rate of 6.69%.




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