Breast Implant Picture- Before Breast Implants “drop” or “settle”

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What Breast Implants Look Like "before" they drop and settle...if they do!

So, if I’m paying money for a surgery, I want results. And I don’t want to wait for them and hope for them. If I was a doctor I would use products that gave the results, and that gave results immediately.I wouldn’t use or want a breast implant that needed to “drop” or “settle” in the months following in the breast augmentation surgery.

How much will breast implants drop and settle? How does a doctor plan for the final position of breast implants based on the dropping and settling of the implants? What if they don’t drop or settle? Or what if the breast implants drop more than anticipated?

What if only one implant drops? Or what if they don’t drop at the same rate or to the same position?

Have a look at this picture. How much do these implants need to drop to make them look more natural and not like chin rests? Do you think this is the outcome this woman wanted and paid for? I don’t…if this is the look she wanted she would be posting a “look at these” picture and not a “when will these change?” picture. The implants are very high, they do not look like they are the same  size – there is a major asymmetry and imbalance that might only increase if the implants don’t drop at the same rate or to the same position.

Here is a link to a Q & A with doctors about dropping and settling from the Real Self website. Many of the doctors say it will take 3-4 months. There are no exact answers, which means there is no exact time frame, no guarantee the implants will drop and not assurance the final position will be ideal. Just read this answer from one of the doctors on the Real Self website and tell me if this sounds ideal: “It is very common for your implants to seem high immediately after surgery – specially with swelling causing further distortion. Once the swelling resolves and your tissues soften and stretch in the lower part of the breast, the implant will settle into your breasts. That typically happens after about 3months. Be patient and the massage techniques will help and keep you involved in your recovery.”

Use Polyurethane Foam covered breast implants, they are placed at the final location during the breast implant surgery as they do not move or settle. Yes, that is correct. Polyurethane foam implants have a surface that integrates with the surrounding tissue immediately, they will not move after they have been implanted. Massage is not recommended, doctors don’t advise using any of the bands or straps to pressure the Polyurethane implants after the surgery. This is a great advantage for the doctor and patient- the doctor can implant the breast implants where they should be, they won’t move. The doctor can ensure the final location of the implants is what is desired by the patient- during the surgery. The doctor does not need to factor in any allowance for dropping or settling.

Polyurethane foam covered silicone gel breast implants reduce and even eliminate malpostion due to “placing them where you want them to end up.”

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