A Furry Brazilian Is…

Furry Brazilian is a nickname for a Polyurethane foam silicone gel breast implant; it is also called a Super Furry Brazilian or Brazilian Breast Implant. Polyurethane implants have been shown to reduce capsular contracture and are widely used in key breast implant markets like the United Kingdom, Australia and over 35 other countries.

The Furry Brazilian nickname was coined in Australia where one of the most popular implants used for breast implant operations is a Polyurethane foam implant that is manufactured in Brazil.

Breast implants are made with different textures on the outside, or shell, of the implant- common types of breast implants are the  smooth and textured. Breast implants can be filled with saline (used in the USA market) and silicone.

About the Furry Brazilian nickname- The “Furry” more than likely comes from the feel of the Polyurethane foam coating on the breast implant- it has a soft, almost furry feel to it. The Brazilian must have been coined by someone using the Polyurethane foam implant made in Brazil- Polyurethane foam mammary implants are also made in Germany.

As Polyurethane breast implants became more and more popular in Australia they- like the smooth and textured implants- became known by their shell- furry. With a leading manufacturer in Brazil the name grew to Furry Brazilian.

Happy patients referred other patients seeking breast augmentation to ask for the Furry Brazilian.

In spite of the fun nickname, there is a serious history behind the Furry Brazilian implants (okay, really polyurethane foam covered silicone gel breast implant) and a very good reason for using Polyurethane foam implants for breast augmentation, breast reconstruction and breast augmentation revision.

Polyurethane foam covered silicone gel breast implants have been shown to reduce capsular contracture; capsular contracture is one of the primary causes for a re-operation after a breast augmentation. Polyurethane foam implants have been used for over 40 years and are approved for use in over 35 different countries that include the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Mexico and Brazil.

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